Board of Directors:

Joe MacMillan - President

Scott Smith - VP

Marilyn Mead - Secretary
Mike Chappell - VP Projects
RoxAnn Isbrecht - Treasurer

Brad Geesaman -  Trustee

Seth Griffin - Trustee
Darcel Hildebrand - Trustee

Kurt Kuehnle - Trustee

Lisa Kuehnle - Trustee
Matt Nilson- Trustee

Ginny Rice - Trustee
Doug Williams - Trustee

About the logo: 
Created by noted local artist and Hartford 

Class of '53 Alumni member Jim Keech,

the image embodies the Foundation's synergy bringing together the helping hands of the community to support our diverse student body.
Jim's artwork is still published weekly in the 
Tri -City Record following his retirement in 2011.

The Hartford Public Schools Foundation for Quality Education was created in the vision of Past School Board President Gerald Lutz to complement and enhance the educational opportunities for students attending Hartford Public Schools. By attracting private donations, the Foundation can provide support for the development of enrichment programs and services not normally financed with ever-shrinking school funding. These "educational extras" in the form of annual Scholarships & Grants to Teachers and Students alike, make the critical difference between just a good school system and an excellent one!

  Incorporated in 1998 as a 501(c)-3 nonprofit, autonomous, tax-exempt organization, the Foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees; all private citizens who serve without compensation. The local trustees are firmly committed to generating and distributing significant financial resources to the school district in an equitable manner. Investments are handled via a fiduciary tie with the Berrien Community Foundation, whose exceptional skill at conservative fund growth supports several SW Michigan foundations. 
Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Hartford Public Schools Foundation for Quality Education